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People say “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Seeing the beauty in just ordinary places, where others can’t see it, and transforming it into photography so others can see it, has always been my passion.

As a kid, I used to run around and shoot with Smena 8 … then I grew up, took on new responsibilities, and neglected my passion… until I realized that I should do what makes me happy and revived my passion.

One truly lives when he does what he loves, and loves what he does. What I enjoy the most is walking in nature and shooting everything that surrounds me. Also, I love to catch spontaneous photos, the one where people are relaxed and in their natural state.

With photography, we catch the precious moment and save it in memory for eternity…even though we forget about the moment, event or person, the photos are always here to remind us…

My Galleries

River Bijela (White)

River Bijela (White)

Spring of river Bijela

River Karisnica

River Karisnica

River Karisnica

My Blog Stories

River Bijela (White) and Kanyon of Bijela

This hidden pearl of Dalmacia is just a half an hour by foot from D27 road.

River Karisnica

If you took the D27 road between Gornji and Donji Karin, you had to cross the bridge and the rest...

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