River Bijela (White) and Kanyon of Bijela

This hidden pearl of Dalmacia is just a half an hour by foot from D27 road.

Currently, I live nearby so this has become the favourite place for walking in nature, for relaxation and photographing. Every time I visit it something is different but every time it leaves me astonished... Maybe sunlight is lightning on another angle, maybe is a different season of the year but the most difference is seen in water level.

Canyon from a spring

From May till September the river is dry reviling white travertine deposits which are made hundreds of years. And that same travertine deposits are changing shapes of waterfalls. In the spring when the snow starts to melt or when rains become more frequent, underground water starts to accumulate and trough the cave find their ways all the way to Karin's sea.

First big waterfall near spring

The cave is on 300 meters above sea level and 255 meters long. The cave is habituated with many bats.

The cave 20 meters from the entrance

The water is filtered through rocks and it is real refreshment to drink clean water straight from the spring. Numberless waterfalls, which the biggest are around 15 meters, and the canyon between two hills, form a unique scene which can take your breath away with its mesmerizing beauty.

The river Bijela (White) and the canyon

This is an ideal place for spending the afternoon. But unfortunately, there are some people who don't appreciate and don't respect nature and all that it can offer. I am finding trash and "permanent" marks of people even on the spots where you wouldn't think that people went through. If you find trash, please pick it up, as I do, no matter it is yours or from others. Take care of the environment, keep the nature intact as much as possible. Take just your photos and good memories, leave only footprints... Maybe not even that  😊


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