River Karisnica

If you took the D27 road between Gornji and Donji Karin, you had to cross the bridge and the rest area "Karišnica" by the road.

The river Karišnica is a natural border between Gornji and Donji Karin, ie. between the Obrovac and Benkovac areas. In summertime, there is only an indication that it used to be a river here while in spring or autumn the river is refilled with rain and groundwater. Karišnica springs in the cave of the same name, which is 120 meters long and is located at only 20 meters above the sea level, but even that height is enough to form numerous rapids and waterfalls of stunning beauty in its almost 2.4 km flow.

The spring of Karasnica

The largest and most beautiful waterfall is at the spring where the largest old mill is located. It is the legacy of Maria Theresa from the 18th century. There are also 4 smaller mills on Karišnica that in the old days were used by people from all over the region to grind grain. The mills used to be so busy that people used to wait up to a year for their turn. 

One of the mills on Karišnica

From the firth to the spring you can reach on foot, from the monastery of St. Mary Immaculate or descend from the road D27 and rest area "Karišnica". The spring is easy to reach because the road follows the river all the way. The sound of water and beautiful nature is a pleasure for every nature lover, and photographers will enjoy capturing perfect shots. 

Rapids on Karisnica

The trail leads all the way to the hill from where there is a view of Karin, Velebit and the surrounding hills, and you may even reach Miodrag Gradina ...

View from the top of the hill above the spring

And of course, I have to emphasize, protect the environment, protect nature, respect it, enjoy it.


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